In recent years, there has been growing interest in risk, on the part of both individuals and businesses, particularly with respect to natural disasters and the risk of social breakdown.

Social systems are becoming more complex with the advancement of information technologies on a global scale, making it more difficult every year to gain an understanding of social phenomena, especially if viewed from a local perspective, and to solve their associated problems.

The difficulties inherent in risk assessment are closely related to the growing complexity of society, and the current high level of interest in risk appears to be a result of the complex social phenomena that we are seeing on an increasingly global scale.

The Department of Risk Engineering comprises researchers gathered from different fields with an interest in risk, particularly in information sciences, intelligent interaction technologies and social engineering, who are motivated to find answers to the problems posed by risk.

It is clearly more important to construct practical plans than to engage in abstract discussions. Individual members enrolled in the Department of Risk Engineering, therefore, need to conscientiously pursue appropriate studies and coordinate these studies in an optimal way such that they can be developed into a joint-study project.

When these two processes show synergy, a unique future plan for the Department of Risk Engineering will be automatically created.

The meeting will be held in Japanese.
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