"Tasseido Hyouka"

Overview of the
Student Achievement Assessment System

Since the 2008 academic year, "Student Achievement Assessment" for the educational objectives has been conducted in the Department of Risk Engineering.

The Student Achievement Assessment System is a system for evaluating the educational process so that students simultaneously meet the educational objectives of the department and the general educational objectives of the Graduate School.

It is extremely useful for checking the level of everyone's study progress. Therefore, this system is utilized for having a more meaningful experience in the Graduate School.

Specifically, based on input from the public, the following 8 items have been established as general achievement level evaluation standards:

  • Knowledge of fundamental theory in the major field
  • Knowledge of fundamental theory of related fields
  • Understanding of real world problems
  • Ability to approach problems from a broad perspective
  • Setting problem statements and finding solutions
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Ability to contribute to international professional societies in the major field
  • Scientific research results
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